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As a Pastor you are called to an accountabiltiy for the sheep, God has asked you to take care of them... Learn how in this book.

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FINANCES. What We Believe

The Prophetic Ministry

I did not think that things could get any worse! Our finances had died. We had no place to go and I had a toddler and a newborn to take care of. WHAT WAS GOD DOING? Craig and I had committed our lives to the Lord and not long before we had been released into prophetic training. We were eager to press on with our calling, but everything went wrong instead.

Ever lived with YOUR In-Laws?

Having to move in with in-laws, a year began that was the most difficult part of our lives. Where was God's plan in all of this? WHAT WAS HAPPENING? Only after we had gone through that time did the Lord show us that we had gone through training for the prophetic ministry calling on our lives.

Why does everything always go wrong? The minute you find out your prophetic ministry call or ask the Lord to be used of Him, everything goes wrong?! We soon learned that we were not alone. Every single prophet went through the same struggles as we did. It is prophetic ministry preparation for your calling!

The first thing we want to say are not alone!

If you close your eyes for just a minute and look around you in the spirit, you will see fellow prophetic brothers and sisters to your left and right walking this road with you.

So what do you need us for? What you need is some encouragement and some motivation along this road.

You need to stop walking blind and to know exactly where you are going. We have gone this way before you and we want to help you make it to the finishing line! All the way from Prophetic Ministry to Prophetic Office.

So take our hands and let us show you the way less traveled. You will come to meet many others who are walking this road too from all over the world. 

We Will Show you How to Rise up Into Prophetic Office!

Each lesson has been tried in the fire and as you work through each project, you will understand why you had to walk this road. Of all our resources, we have more prophetic materials than anything else!

From free resources (to the left) to a higher level Prophetic School, we have everything you need to become a prophet.

Prophetic School or Fivefold Ministry School?

Because the Lord brought us so many prophets, we found it essential to establish a school for the sole purpose of mentoring the prophets. Below is a short list of how these course differ from those we have on our dedicated Prophetic School.

If you are still not sure which option would be best for you, please feel free to give us a call and one of our ministers will help you out.

Prophetic School

AMI Fivefold Ministry School (Prophetic Courses)

1. Courses are paid for up front 1. Courses are paid for monthly
2. Video Lectures 2. Email Lectures
3. A report is submitted after every lecture 3. Only one thesis is submitted at the very end of the course
4. You are allocted a prophet in office as your lecturer and mentor. Lecturers get more involved in your calling 4. Your lecturer will allow you to set the pace for your study and pressure.
5. Study kits are available 6. No kits
  • Courses are paid for up front
  • All lectures are video based (you do not receive any e-mail lessons)
  • A report is submitted

To enroll in the Prophetic Training School sign up here:

To enroll in AMI Fivefold Ministry School sign up here:

Prophetic Ministry Degree Recommendations

If your interest is mainly in the Prophetic Ministry, then we recommend the following courses to you:

Bachelor of Prophetic Ministry

Full credits are required in the following subjects to qualify for a Major in the Prophetic Ministry

Minor in Prophetic Ministry

Minor in Spiritual Gifts

Minor in Practical Ministry Studies


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