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I am not clear on the monthly contribution. Does this mean when the course ends, you continue to give the monthly contribution?

That is correct. Whether you take a course or not, to remain registered and to continue having access to your lessons and student benefits, you will need to keep up with your monthly contribution.


When do I submit my thesis?

I just enrolled in a course and I see that I will have to submit a thesis at the end - how do I go about that now?

For many people, the thought of submitting a thesis is quite daunting! Let us put your mind at rest! The lessons you receive will take you through your studies a step at a time! This means that when you reach the end of your course, that you will get step by step instructions on what to submit and where.

Once your thesis is submitted, the lecturer of that course will mark it, give you their personal views on your progress and give their own recommendations of which course to do next.

How soon do I get my lessons after enrolling for a course?

I just enrolled in a course! When do I get my lessons? Do I get them all at the same time?

Upon enrolling in a course, ALL lessons will be released to you immediately. That means you can set the pace on how fast or slow you want to work through them. It is up to you. 

Can I go straight to a masters or doctorate degree?

There are no shortcuts. You are required to obtain all the credits for each of the degrees. However we do grant old students, from previous systems the possibility of putting previous courses they did towards a degree.


Do the courses have a beginning and end time? For example 3-month course and 4-month course

Yes they do. Every course has its own duration depending on the subject. We give a full detail on how long each course takes on our Courses Page.


Scholarships and Bursaries

Do you offer Scholarships or Bursaries to students who are unable to afford the costs of tuition?

No, the Fivefold Ministry School operates on a strict budget, with all additional funds being channeled into the Work of God and the establishment of training centers internationally. We do understand however that in some countries, it may be difficult to obtain and send money out of the country, and we will make every effort to address each situation separately. We will also take into account currency exchange rates against the US Dollar and where necessary adjust prices to suit local salary levels.

We are in the process of setting up training centers in all nations, so that in time local training centers will be able to offer training to local residents in ways that will suit their budgets and capabilities. However students enrolling in the online division of the Fivefold Ministry School must have full access to internet facilities and must have the resources to complete their studies online.

Studying by Correspondence

What if I do not own a computer and wish to study by correspondence?

Our online courses are based on computer technology and require the student to take online tests and obtain lectures using computerized software. Therefore, unless students have access for extended periods to a suitable computer system, they will be unable to complete our courses online.

At this point in time we do not have the administrative infrastructure or staff complement to handle the correspondence required by distance learning mechanisms. Our intention is to remedy this by establishing training centers in local regions rather that offering a distance learning capability which would in any case prove expensive and inefficient for nations outside of the United States and Canada.

If after starting my lessons, I decide to stop, can I ask for a refund? What is your policy on refunds?

Refunds are NOT given for monthly contributions or for any course or full modules that you have paid for. So please ensure that you intend to follow through when enrolling. However, we do offer refunds for any Study Kits that are unopened and returned. (In the case of refunds for study kits, please note that the refund will not include the original cost of shipping as the return was not in our error)

What happens when my payments do not go through?

What happens if I am unable to continue studies due to temporary financial hardship or any other reason?

If you do not make your monthly contribution on time, your student login is automatically suspended by our system. This blocks access to your student Homepage and your studies. Once payment is made, you will be reinstated automatically again. We do however give a grace period before considering your withdrawal from the school. We are also flexible with those students who keep in touch with us concerning their situation and we help in any way we can to keep their record with us.

Do you accept Check or Money Orders?

I do not have a valid credit or debit card. What other acceptable method of payment do you have for your courses?

We prefer credit or debit card payment for courses, since this does not require additional correspondence from us or students. However, where such payment is not possible, we will accept payments by cash, check or money order, or bank wire transfer.

These payments are only permitted if you pay for three months of study at a time though. This allows for extra time for your check to arrive at our facility. 

Failed Monthly Payment

What happens if my credit card information changes and you are unable to process my monthly deduction?

Our system will attempt to process your monthly deduction automatically on the date you specified. If this fails, then you will receive an email from us, as well as a note on your student page that payment has failed, and your student account will remain in suspension.

You will be permitted to submit new credit card details or request a further attempt to obtain the payment from your account. Your failure to respond to this request will result in your student account remaining in suspension until further notice.

You may notify us of any changes in your credit card or bank account at any time directly from your student home page. Please make a note of such things as the expiry date of your card, and let us know well in advance of changes to your card to prevent a delay in your studies.

What is your policy on credentials and ordination?

We offer temporary credentials to those that qualify for both the Bachelor and Masters Degrees. These are valid for a year and need to be renewed. To obtain FULL AMI Credentials, you must have completed the Master's degree and been ordained by the laying on of hands by an official AMI Minister. These are then free to carry the title "Ami Minister"

Telephone: (+1) 760 466 7679
5663 Balboa Ave #416
San Diego

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Response from Tonia : Interested in learning about the fivefold ministry - just for clarification - a student pays the $50.00 a month and after the course is completed - there is no payment required???

Response from virginia : when our the lessons for the week due is there a deadline and how do I submit my weekly assignments

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