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FINANCES. What We Believe

The Apostolic Ministry

Getting to the Heart of What an Apostle Really Is.

Gardening and Counseling. Those were some of the first apostolic functions we took on when we began ministry.
Of course back then, we had no clue what an Apostle really was and what all the fuss about Apostolic Training was either. One thing we did know though, we were in the trenches of very real ministry and very real servant hood! Starting with a call, leading to the wilderness and then finally into ministry, we know how long the journey can feel sometimes.

So What Does It Take to be an Apostle?

  • A calling directly from the Lord Jesus Himself
  • The courage to do something that no one else has done before.
  • The strength to be different and to rock the boat when it needs rocking!
  • The notion that the way things are... are not the way things should be!
  • Knowing that there just has to be a better way of having "church"
  • Have you ever sat in a church meeting and allowed these heretical thoughts to go through your mind...

If you have an apostolic calling, you have a hereditary flaw. You always see the wrong in the church. You are like a building inspector examining the foundations and the only one that finds all of the cracks.

You attend a church meeting and instead of coming to receive, you leave with questions.

  • You wonder why those with a real anointing are not allowed to minister.
  • You wonder why the Pastor preached the same thing that he learned at bible school 10 years ago. (Perhaps you pass the time by making some notes of your own to at least make it interesting!)
  • You wonder why the numbers grow, but change in the people's hearts do not.
  • Most of all you wonder...why didn't God attend?


Why Our Training is Different

So ok... you know you are called to be an Apostle. Everyone has prophesied it over you. The Lord has confirmed it. Awesome! Fantastic! "I am an Apostle." The only question remains..."What do I do now?" That is where Craig and I come in.

We understand what it is like to feel on the outside of the church, looking in. I know what it means to try and bite your tongue and just try to be like the rest. However I also know the power and authority that comes when you throw caution to the wind and embrace your calling. I understand the empowerment of having another true Apostle pour everything they have into you. Instead of facing 50 years of apostolic training all alone in the Wilderness, Craig and I could pass through it in a fraction of the time.

Now with many years ahead of us, we can use that time effectively to impart that anointing, power, knowledge and authority to you!

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Apostolic Ministry Degree Recommendations

If your interest is mainly in the Apostolic Ministry, then we recommend the following courses to you:

Bachelor of Apostolic Ministry

Full credits are required in the following subjects to qualify for a Major in the Fivefold Ministry

Minor in Apostolic Ministry

Minor in Practical Ministry Studies


Master in Apostolic Ministry

Full credits are required in the following subjects to qualify for a Master in the Apostolic Ministry

Bachelor of Apostolic Ministry

  • All Courses Listed Above in the Bachelor's Degree

Minor in Apostolic Office

Minor in Fivefold Ministry

Minor in Advanced Ministry


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