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As a Pastor you are called to an accountabiltiy for the sheep, God has asked you to take care of them... Learn how in this book.

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FINANCES. What We Believe

A Fivefold Ministry School for a New Generation

Fivefold Ministry Teamwork Workshop!
April 24 - 26th, 2020 (Meet Apostles Craig and Colette Toach and Team in Jacksonville, Florida!).

This workshop IS an event that will give you a working model, a beautiful display, of the fivefold ministry in action, working together as a team, side by side. For more info visit:


  • How the Apostle Works with the Fivefold Ministry
  • The Apostle-Prophet Relationship
  • The Apostle-Teacher Relationship
  • The Apostle-Pastor Relationship

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Hello, my Name is Colette Toach, and I am the President of A.M.I. Fivefold Ministry Training Schools

Fivefold Minister Apostle Colette

When God called me to the ministry the term "Fivefold Ministry" was hardly seen in the church. So for the Lord to say that I was called to be a prophet... then a teacher... then an apostle... blew my mind!

Where Do you go to Train for the Fivefold?

At first I did not get it. One minute the Lord told me I was a prophet. The next He informed me that I was in teacher training. Then just as I got nice and comfortable with the balance that the teacher brings, God had me step out as an evangelist. Imagine my confusion for a minute when after all that, He told me to "Pastor His flock."

My head was spinning! "God which of the Fivefold have you called me to?"

His reply: "I have called you to live all of the fivefold ministry - so that you can train others!"

Suddenly the words of Apostle Paul made sense. When he told the churches that they would eat the fruit of his labor I understood my calling. This training, the years I spent in the desert and even more years pouring into others so they could rise up ahead of me... all made sense.

My calling? To help you fulfill yours! So not matter which of the Fivefold Ministry you are called to, together with my team, we can equip you in it!

Having passed through each of these trainings and lived through the crucible of experience, I am ready to give you what you need to succeed.

You Can be a Success in Ministry!

My passion is to see you realize yours! I understand the years in the desert. I know what it feels like to have a fire shut up in your bones, knowing that God has something greater for you.

That is why together with my husband Craig Toach, we have trained up our own Fivefold Ministry team and in association with apostles all over the world, we hold in our hands the resources to launch you into your ministry!

Not only do we provide specialized fivefold ministry training, we also provide fivefold ministry assessment, personal mentorship, interactive fellowship with other students and once you qualify - certification, credentials and promotion of your ministry.

Here is What We Offer to Prepare You for Your Fivefold Ministry Calling

Disciple and Mentor Relationship - Not all Applications Accepted

Jesus did not disciple everybody, but turned away many. He knew who He was and what He had and He was not afraid to be selective. He sought the Father on which ones to take under His wing and then chose and called the 12 disciples to Himself.

He poured His very life into them and held nothing back. In the same way, we are looking for a select group that have the fire already burning in their belly to push through with their calling, no matter the cost. You do not have to be the strongest or mightest in the land, but the fire must already be there. The calling is the one thing we cannot impart to you. 

If you are chosen, you can expect this from us: 

1.  A Fivefold Ministry Leader, personally trained by Apostles Craig and Colette, as your mentor. 
2.  A mentor who is not afraid to get involved in your life and will stick with you until you reach a Fivefold Ministry Office or when God says so.
3.  A mentor who will pour everything they have into you - who will seek the Lord on your behalf and travail long with you.
4.  Upon acceptance, you will be called into a discipleship relationship, by a mentor who has chosen you. At this time, the guidelines and goal of this relationship will be made very clear. If you accept the terms and conditions, you can expect your ministry training to get off the ground immediately.

Identify Your Fivefold Ministry Calling With Free Evaluation

1. If you have not done so already click on the "evaluation" link above and complete the extensive evaluation.
2. Once you are done click the link to have it evaluated by one of our ministers.
3. From there we will tell you what courses to begin with.

Ministry Certification, Credentials and Ordination

  1. To see what program is best suited to you, visit our Degrees page.
  2. Temporary credentials are issued to students who have achieved a major in any of our programs
  3. Ordination is offered only by the invitation of the Holy Spirit. As a student qualifies in their course of study, we will seek the Lord on their behalf of their readiness to be released into ministry

Ministry Training Materials That Are Totally Unique

  1. The materials that you will study were received as a result of revelation received directly from the Lord.
  2. All ministry training materials are based squarely on the Scriptures.
  3. Every principle taught has been proved by being lived out practically in real fivefold ministry experience by bone-fide fivefold ministers.
  4. Since the lessons are based on revelation given to the Church right now, along with the experience of fivefold ministers all over the world, you will not find these teachings anywhere else.

Fivefold Ministry Training That Affects More Than Your Mind

  1. We put an emphasis on the training aspect of our Fivefold Ministry Training. This is not just head knowledge, but wisdom you will live.
  2. You will literally live each principle as you learn it.
  3. You will become what God called you to be, even if there was no previous evidence of this ministry in you.
  4. As a result of additional mentoring you will move from general ministry on to your full Fivefold Ministry Office in a very short space of time.

Student Only Benefits

  1. You will be given a Mentor who will follow you throughout your training. All our lecturers have been personally mentored by Craig and I and hold at least one fivefold ministry office. A mentor will choose you and call you into a mentor/disciple relationship.
  2. Your mentor will be someone who has been along the way and can be there to minister to you, guide you, pray you through and to track your progress. You will be given their contact information so you can keep in touch with them.
  3. You will be able to fellowship with other students at the AMI Campus - a place where all students and lecturers network and fellowship
  4. You will be able to get help directly from your lecturers via a special Student Questions Forum
  5. Weekly Student Only Live Streaming where our lecturers from around the world preach and teach to you live - leaving time for questions and hands-on training

What are the Fees For the Fivefold Ministry School?

Regular Students

  1. Students are required to give a monthly contribution for the work of the ministry. Your monthly contribution is NOT a school fee, but a love gift that will help to support the AMI Lecturers and their families, that are training up leaders all over the world. What you give goes directly back into the Kingdom and also into helping other mighty warriors, that would not have been able to study with us, able to do so.

    We ask that you seek the Lord on what amount to give and then to be faithful to contribute it. As your mentor invests into you, we simply ask that you pour back into them what the Lord says to.
  2. The only other cost will be for you to purchase your study books that go with each course. However, some courses do not require you to purchase any study materials. (Some courses include the materials in the form of free online MP3s)
  3. This will entitle you to study one course at a time without additional cost
  4. You will receive all lectures and assignments as soon as you enroll in a course.
  5. Because you study at your own pace, you can do as many courses as you like in a month (As long as you complete your course before enrolling in the next)

Prophetic Office Students

  1. Students who wish to study specifically for the Prophetic Ministry may enroll in our Prophetic Training School at
  2. This is a completely different system to our Fivefold Ministry school, so monthly contributions do not apply there. (Visit our prophetic school website if you would prefer specialized prophetic training.)

I Have Some Questions To Ask

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Are you an accredited Fivefold Ministry School?

    We are not accredited with other organizations, but have chosen instead to set up our own standard as the Lord has given it to us. As Apostles not only is this essential, but a vital part of our mandate. We accredit and give our support to other training ministries, being the standard for the Fivefold Ministry.

  2. What do you believe? Do you have a statement of faith?

    You can find our Statement of Faith at the following web address:

  3. What if I cannot afford to continue monthly payments?

    As a registered student you may still enroll in any of our single subjects by making a one time payment for that course. If you have paid for a subject up front, you may take as long as you wish to do the course, without making any additional or monthly contributions. (Please call in to arrange once-off payments)

  4. When I complete the course, will I be put into full-time ministry?

    On successful completion of a degree program, you can request for a diploma. If during your studies you have proved your fivefold ministry calling, we will invite you to come into a closer relationship with us and this could certainly lead to you being ordained by us and receiving full licensing from AMI.

    This process will be virtually guaranteed if you are an approved partner and you qualify for a Fivefold Ministry Office. We cannot guarantee you an income to go into full-time ministry, but we will certainly do all in our power to help you move fully into your ministry calling.

How Soon Can I Start?

Once you have gone through the application process and you have been accepted into the school, you can set up your monthly contribution payments and get started with your training right away. 

Welcome to the AMI Fivefold Ministry Training School. We know that you are going to enjoy being a student with us, and we are looking forward to helping you reach your Fivefold Ministry Training goals

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